Supply Chain Management

Full-stack supply chain AI & Analytics solutions for end-to-end material and cashflow pipelines.

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Real-time, dynamic, and intelligent analytics for digital SCM

A sustainable supply chain needs real-time, dynamic, and intelligent analytics that leverages data from procurement to logistics, giving you prescriptive insights to drive action. You need bespoke solutions that fit the complex needs of your industry and organization for use-cases that deliver business value and ROI. You need AI that is operationalized. You need Tredence Studio.

Supply Chain Control Tower

Supply Chain Control Tower provides end-to-end visibility and control into supply chain processes using real-time data and cloud-based AI. It helps capture the supply chain health through planning operations.

Smart Transportation Planning

Smart Transportation Planning System transforms transportation with real-time analytics by integrating technological advancements in the Transport Management System (TMS) and utilizing the supply chain space to make informed decisions.

Integrated Sales & Operations Planning

Integrated sales & operations planning provides a highly customizable and configurable user space. It helps the supply chain team reach a consensus on meeting demand by comparing demand versions, generating an independent demand estimate, and setting a benchmark through a consensus-building exercise.

Inventory Control Tower

Inventory Control Tower helps maintain control over inventory decisions with state-of-the-art tools and technologies. It helps monitor inventory status in real-time by using optimized, intelligent decision-making algorithms with minimal human intervention.