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Reorienting customer experience with AI-powered platforms and solutions.

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A new study conducted by Verint® Systems Inc. of more than 34,000 consumers worldwide found that two-thirds of consumers surveyed said they’re more likely to choose a competitor that provides them with the best customer experience. The role of customer experience analytics solutions is more relevant today than ever before. Customer experience has become the top priority for brands across the globe to increase acquisition rate, campaign outcomes, customer loyalty and achieve business goals.

Tredence has built robust customer analytics and customer experience solutions to power organizations’ sales, marketing, customer engagement, and store operations. Our focus has shifted significantly from Customer Analytics to a holistic “Customer Experience Mindset” – leveraging our sustainable ecosystem through contextual interventions for clients, using emergent tech to help customers maximize CA ROI.

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Customer Explorer

Retailers can get a complete picture of customer data like behavior patterns, profiles, and purchase predictions with Customer Explorer. Marketing professionals can analyze this data and derive information that allows better segmentation and targeting of customers. It further helps marketers accelerate the process of segmentation and accurate targeting with easy conversion of product data to 360° intelligent, analytics data, and reduced work for customer experience analysts.

Commerce Intelligence - Odyssey

Odyssey enables CPG companies with a holistic overview of its business ecosystem, from customers to suppliers and everything related to inventory management. Odyssey enables CPG companies to understand sales trends, provides targeted recommendations at the SKU level, and simulates the targets required for various business levers.

Trade Promotional Effectiveness

Trade promotion programs are pivotal to driving sales, building brand equity with consumers, and strengthening channel partnerships in multiple CPG companies. Data-driven trade promotions are critical to ensure effective utilization of the budget allocated. Our product helps accelerate this process by creating customer-centric solutions in understanding the effectiveness of trade promotions through real-time tracking and monitoring ROI and other KPIs.