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Equipping TMT leaders with decision intelligence to drive competitive differentiation.

Creating captivating experiences for customers is no longer an optional strategy to retain customers. Insights from our analytics platform will help telecom and media companies identify customer churn sources, provide contextualized advertisements, and segment customers the right way. Our AI and edge computing capabilities will aid in predicting high volumes of traffic and ensuring that network quality and service are maintained, especially during peak hours.


Our codeless data ingestion accelerator helps TMT companies extract source data from databases, files, and API data sets. It is configured for on-demand and scheduled ingestion loads. It aims to modernize data migration to the cloud platforms to derive data insights faster, optimize the overall cost of data operations, and reduce time to market. It allows for accelerated service delivery to customers, maintaining code quality, and increased productivity.

Trade Promotional Effectiveness​

Trade Promotional Effectiveness

Trade promotion programs are pivotal to driving sales, building brand equity with consumers, and strengthening channel partnerships in multiple TMT companies. Data-driven trade promos are critical to ensure effective utilization of the budget allocated. Our product helps accelerate this process by creating customer-centric solutions in understanding the effectiveness of trade promotions through real-time tracking and monitoring ROI and other KPIs. Analysts can get insights from past promotion data, for promotion design simulation, promotion suggestions, and active promotions.

Explainable AI

Explainable AI helps customers understand and interpret predictions from machine learning models, generates feature attributions for model predictions, and visually inspect model behavior. It also allows plug-and-play in feeding model objects as inputs while reducing downtime during setup. Its statistical explanation feature helps understand better data trends and distributions with data description. Users can perform univariate/outlier analysis and bivariate analysis on the data.

Anomaly Detection and Hypothesis Generation

It enables TMT companies to determine areas of improvement, flag anomalies that can disrupt operations, and create human-readable statistical explanations and hypotheses to take corrective actions. It also provides an overview of critical insights and data health indicators customized according to business needs. Features like anomaly detection, statistical explanation, hypothesis generation can help enterprises take corrective measures in time.