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Digitally empowering industrial manufacturing with AI/ML

Our future-ready manufacturing analytics solutions help manufacturers avoid bottlenecks that arise from interoperable data and operations. Our full range of analytics solutions optimize production planning and improve sales across the spectrum, from automated inventory monitoring and governance setup to procurement excellence and vendor rationalization. It also augments operations by providing data that can reduce wastage, predict system downtimes, ensure products are free of defects.

Anomaly Detection & Hypothesis Generation

Anomaly Detection & Hypothesis Generation detects business anomalies and contextualizes them to identify shifts in trends and its root cause. It generates reasonable business hypotheses & questions based on the data and detects whether the change point is based on business rules and the duration of the anomalies. Further, the platform extends the solution to multiple business functions with disparate data sources, so that business-specific nuances still exist.

Integrated Sales & Operations Planning

A strategy and operations planning tool provide highly customizable and configurable userspace for the supply chain teams to reach a consensus on meeting demand by generating an independent demand estimate. It also allows manufacturing companies to estimate the impact of demand on operations and the gap between demand and supply. It is a one-stop platform that allows manufacturers to plan operations and seamlessly configure and customize to cater to different processes.

Explainable AI

Explainable AI helps manufacturers understand and interpret predictions from machine learning models, generates feature attributions for model predictions, and visually inspect model behavior. It also allows plug-and-play in feeding model objects as inputs while reducing downtime during setup. Its statistical explanation feature helps understand better data trends and distributions with data description. Users can perform univariate/outlier analysis and bivariate analysis on the data.

Customer Explorer

Company leaders in the manufacturing space can get a complete picture of customer data like behavior patterns, profiles, and purchase predictions with Customer Explorer. Marketing professionals can analyze this data and derive information that allows better segmentation and targeting of customers. It further helps marketers accelerate the process of segmentation and accurate targeting with easy conversion of product data to 360° intelligent, analytics data, and reduced work for customer experience analysts.