Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG)

Enterprise-grade, scalable AI, and advanced analytics solutions for global CPG firms.

Scalable AI for global Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) firms

Our high-impact analytics solutions ensure that enterprise leaders make data-backed decisions in improving inventory management & supply chain and improve visibility on expenditure. Our best-in-class CPG accelerators allow you to forecast future performance, edge out your competitors with the right mix of products for your target market and gain real-time insights and impact across the entire value chain.

Commerce Intelligence - Odyssey

Odyssey enables CPG companies with a holistic overview of its business ecosystem, from customers to suppliers and everything related to inventory management. Odyssey enables CPG companies to understand sales trends, provides targeted recommendations at the SKU level, and simulates the targets required for various business levers.

Supply Chain Control Tower

CPG company leaders can gain visibility and control into end-to-end supply chain processes with cloud-based intelligence and real-time data. It helps them discern the health of the supply chain through our comprehensive data monitoring and cognitive alert system to optimize operations across transportation, inventory, and warehouse modules. It helps CPG companies with spend optimization, carrier schedules, labor planning, and inventory planning through features like predictive and prescriptive analysis, real-time event alerts, and data visualization.

Customer Explorer

Company leaders in the CPG space can get a complete picture of customer data like behavior patterns, profiles, and purchase predictions with Customer Explorer. Marketing professionals can analyze this data and derive information that allows better segmentation and targeting of customers. It further helps marketers accelerate the process of segmentation and accurate targeting with easy conversion of product data to 360° intelligent, analytics data, and reduced work for customer experience analysts.

Smart Transportation Planning

The accelerator utilizes analytical and statistical methods like linear programming, combinatorial optimization, and mathematical simulation to transform transportation. It provides customers with the most cost-effective deliveries within service level constraints. Its features like freight forecasting, order prioritization, and lead consolidation help CPG companies with inclusive planning, real-time execution, and better ROI.

Explainable AI

Explainable AI helps CPG companies understand and interpret machine learning models’ predictions, generate feature attributions for model predictions, and visually inspect model behavior. It also allows plug-and-play in feeding model objects as inputs while reducing downtime during setup. Its statistical explanation feature helps understand better data trends and distributions with data description. Users can perform univariate/outlier analysis and bivariate analysis on the data.

Inventory Control Tower​

Inventory Control Tower

CPG companies can use optimized, intelligent decision-making algorithms to maintain control over inventory decisions and monitor their status in real-time. It helps reduce and rationalize inventory and directly impacts cost-to-serve with both horizontal and vertical visibility. It allows business leaders to understand the associated cash impact on the supply chain performance and provides real-time alerts on stock statuses that need attention.

Integrated Sales & Operations Planning

A strategy and operations planning accelerator, IOP provides highly customizable and configurable userspace for the supply chain teams to reach a consensus on meeting demand by generating an independent demand estimate. It also allows users to estimate the impact of demand on operations and the gap between demand and supply. It is a one-stop platform that allows CPG companies to plan operations and seamlessly configure and customize to cater to different processes.

Trade Promotional Effectiveness

Trade promotion programs are pivotal to driving sales, building brand equity with consumers, and strengthening channel partnerships in multiple CPG companies. Data-driven trade promotions are critical to ensure effective utilization of the budget allocated. Our product helps accelerate this process by creating customer-centric solutions in understanding the effectiveness of trade promotions through real-time tracking and monitoring ROI and other KPIs.