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Powering Businesses at the Intersection of Business Analytics, Data Science, and Engineering

Enterprise AI solutions built to solve today’s problems may not adapt and thrive in tomorrow’s disruptive environment and will inevitably become obsolete.

How to push the boundaries of what’s possible?

Tredence Studio, our enterprise innovation platform, promotes sustainable innovation and helps enterprises face disruption effectively. The platform operationalizes simple and pragmatic AI solutions for enterprises.

Computer Vision

A rapidly evolving field, Computer Vision (CV) is helping businesses across the industries expand the potential for understanding and interpreting the visual world in entertainment, eCommerce, video conferencing, AR/VR, broadcasting, media, and more.


Our solution in the Computer Vision space goes a step further and supports different flavors of machine learning, deep learning, and AI.

Image search

Text extraction

Object detection

Social distancing & mask detection

Cloud solution with AWS SageMaker

CPG product attributes extraction

Sentiment Extraction from Audio

Detecting emotions to personalize the experience is one of the most crucial growth strategies in the consumer-led business world.


Our sentiment extraction solution allows enterprises to leverage state-of-the-art machine learning models to automate the extraction of topics, intent, keywords, and more from the audios.

Key concept extraction

Natural Language Intent Recognition

Multi-label tagging

NLP - Sentiment/Theme/Question Extraction

Our AI-based NLP-emotion/topic/question extraction solutions automate the extraction of insights from unstructured data and help users improve their efficiency & workload.


We help users quickly capture valuable insights from customer surveys, social and marketing platforms, text documents, and product reviews.

Emotion detection

Aspect-based sentiment analysis

Multilingual sentiment analysis


MLOps is the convergence of Machine Learning, DevOps and Data Engineering. ML Works is Tredence’s industrialized MLOps platform with automated workflows, pre-built solutions to track model degradation, manage code workflow, and fast track model management. ML Works promotes autonomous management of ML models. The platform helps organizations ensure their models in production are current, contextual and provides deeper visibility to data scientists for faster value realization.

ML Works equips enterprises to revive the core of their machine learning ecosystem. Armed with experiences from managing several AI customer engagements, Tredence has built ML Works. It can scale 100s of 1000s of machine learning models, reduce outages in the ML pipeline, and simplifies model monitoring.

MLOps graph

Drift detection

Persona-based insights

Explainable AI

Driverless Data Ingestion

A fully automated and scalable metadata-driven data ingestion framework can integrate data from any source into a cloud-based data lake platform. It covers vital data management functions, including data catalog, metadata management, data quality, and operational dashboards to shorten delivery time, reduce costs, accelerate data access, and improve data literacy across the business.


Our driverless data ingestion accelerator uses Azure to run the codes, enabling migration on the go.


We have bundled together Tredence’s years of cross-industry AI capabilities and the powerful functions of the Snowflake cloud data platform to help users design AI-driven data analytics & data science applications.

Data warehouse setup

Industry-specific AI models

CloudEye (XOps)

The management and maintenance of AI/ML production applications are becoming increasingly complex and expensive, especially with the continuous migrations to multi-cloud environments. The traditional support model cannot cope with such increasing complexity.

We leverage AI technologies to manage multi-cloud environments, perform predictive data and app maintenance, reduce costs, accelerate time to insights, and future-proof your technology assets.