Trade Promo Effectiveness

Optimizes the design & delivery of trade promotions and focuses on helping the businesses maximize impact.

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Make data-driven decisions about creating new trade promotions. Watch an interactive demo.

Accelerator Synopsis

With the help of Trade Promotion Effectiveness (TPE) accelerator, users can understand the effectiveness of their trade promotions in real-time. They can make data-/technology-driven decisions about creating and simulating new trade promotions and modifying existing trade promotions. The latest cloud technologies power TPE. It can be scaled according to the organization’s needs and provides a business-friendly user interface to focus on market performance. 


The TPE accelerator helps to benchmark the impacts of trade promotions, understand the behavior of new trade promotions, and measure the effectiveness of historical trade promotions that have been implemented.

Value Addition

Enterprise grade system

TPE is capable of handling a large number of SKUs (~1 million).

Cloud hosted solution

Fully automated data and modeling pipelines (using Databricks) & interactive application front end for end-users.

Best in Class Baseline Models

TPE contains most granular models at the SKU/customer level.


Current scenario analysis & Benchmarking

Comparison of KPIs with trade promotion forecasts compared to baseline metrics. It helps understand what would work and who will benefit from the trade promotions.

Active & Past Promotion Effectiveness

Behavioral analysis of past and current promotions. TPE helps identify the critical aspects of each promotion, thus helping active promotions.

Trade Promotion Simulation

Uses the algorithms used in previous benchmarks to help simulate the incremental impacts of trade promotion, converts that to monetary equivalent, and creates a P/L statement for financial approval.



This application is built on the Azure cloud. However, it can be deployed on any cloud or in-house infrastructure to host simple websites, data storage, and data processing functions.

The accelerator has a space dedicated for real-time data (active promotions), through which promotions can be monitored and optimized on the fly.

Yes. TPE is built and hosted on the cloud. In a client deployment, the accelerator handled 33,000 unique models out of 1085 unique SKUs, which were automated through 20 CI/CD pipelines.

The application is available on the preferred cloud or local server on the network. No data (including PII) leaves the network firewall.