Supply Chain Control Tower

Gain full real-time visibility in to supply chain with automated alerts to ensure health of the supply chain.

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Accelerator Synopsis

Supply Chain Control Tower (SCCT) uses cloud-based artificial intelligence to provide visibility and control into end-to-end supply chain processes using real-time data. Through SCCT, VPs, managers, and other stakeholders can capture the supply chain health through the cognitive alert system, optimization recommendations, data monitoring using dashboards and deep dives, and planning operations using simulators across transportation, inventory, and warehouse modules.

Value Addition​

Spend Optimization

Built-in algorithms for load consolidation, cross-docking, and slotting help optimize operations & reduce costs.

Inventory Planning

It helps plan scenarios addressing user's future targets based on stock status, budget, and demand plans at the region-product levels.

Labor Planning

It equips the planner with past performance constraints, labor rates across labor types, and standards to generate a plan to meet future demands and operations.

Carrier Scheduling

It helps perform carrier planning based on forecasted demand carrier types and lanes.


Real-time Visualization & Diagnostics
Scenario planning
Top down forecast
Prescriptive & Predictive Analytics
Real-time Event Alerts


Yes. As the application resides on cloud resources, integrating various data sources and data formats is possible.


Absolutely. We aim to provide a customized and tailored solution as per the client’s business requirements.

Yes. User/persona-based access can be provided with various modes like read-only, write, etc.