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Respond faster to market changes with bird’s eye view of inventories. Respond faster to market changes with hyper-granular view into inventories.

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Accelerator Synopsis

Inventory Control Tower (ICT) helps companies maintain control over inventory decisions with state-of-the-art tools and technologies. It helps monitor inventory status in real-time by using optimized, intelligent decision-making algorithms with minimal human intervention.


ICT can be customized according to needs and business functions, and inclusion/exclusion can be a subset to maximize value. This AI/ML-driven, highly transparent operating model can significantly reduce and rationalize inventory, and directly impact cost-to-serve.

Value Addition

Horizontals & Verticals Visibility

Forecast at multiple granularities based on the available data and user requirements. Provides an agile approach to pivot and adapt to changing priorities across customers/domains/categories, etc.

AI/ML Models & Business Rules

Reliable AI/ML models behind efficient optimization and predictive capabilities. Business rules are defined based on extensive analysis, business requirements, and best practices.

Scenario Planning & Recommendations

Decision evaluation tools to consider possible scenarios and impact. Recommendations are generated to arrive at the planned/optimized value.

KPI Generation & Tracking​

The solution generates, tracks, and reports all the required KPIs, exception reporting, and inventory health status with drill-down capabilities.


Real-time inventory visibility

Get real-time visibility with alerts into existing inventory levels & associated cash impacts to understand the supply chain’s performance and health.

Configurable business rules

Set up inventory policies at each supply chain node at service levels, safety stocks, reorder levels, and more.

Dynamic inventory policy recommendations

Based on the configured business rules, get the optimal safety stock, cycle stock, reorder levels, and more.

Replenishment recommendations

According to the service level, existing inventory, and delivery time, get dynamic recommendations for the products on each supply chain node.

Inventory optimization engine

Maintain optimal inventory at different nodes in the supply chain based on demand patterns, demand-supply variability, and the desired service levels.

Inventory simulation planning

Perform scenario planning and identify budget & safety stock requirements as per inventory class, service level, demand & lead time variability. Users can identify tradeoffs between budget & the desired service level.

Alerts, dashboards, and reports

Get a deep dive into crucial KPIs related to cash and volume impact across different nodes, item hierarchies, locations, and inventory class.



  • Prescriptive and scenario planning capabilities
  • AI/ML models
  • High degree of customizability
  • Technology-agnostic platform
  • Real-time visualization

Some sample KPIs and alerts are: 

  •  Products below safety stock, ROP and out of stock, excess stock, etc.
  •  Days of excess, shortage, stockout inventory at the product, category, class, and DC levels.
  • Trend charts: Supply variability; demand variability; actual vs. target days of coverage.
  •  Amount ($) of optimal/excess/shortage inventory, inventory turns, EBITDA impact, etc.

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