Integrated Sales & Operations Planning (IS&OP)

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Accelerator Synopsis

Integrated Sales & Operations Planning (IS&OP) accelerator is a strategy and operations planning tool that provides a highly customizable and configurable user space. IS&OP is a platform for the supply chain teams to reach a consensus on meeting demand. Users can compare various versions of the demand, generate an independent demand estimate to corroborate the various versions of the truth, and set a benchmark through a consensus-building exercise. IS&OP also provides levers for estimating the impact of demand on operations (labor & transportation) and the gap between demand & supply, and a forum for planning and scheduling operations.

Value Addition

One-stop platform
Consistent & Efficient Planning
Flexible & Customizable Solution


Consensus building
Consensus Building

The ‘Replenishment Consensus’ equips Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) Managers to drive consensus between various demand versions and then between demand & supply factors

Demand Forecast

Bottom-up demand forecast using champion modeling and top-down forecast provides a continuous sales rate, including its effects on promotions.

Anomaly detection
Anomaly Detection

The module highlights operation roadblocks through levels of dollar impact and priority depending on the time availability and scale of impact, helping DC/operations manager to plan better.

Operations Planning

The ‘Carrier Scheduling’ and ‘Labor Planning’ integrated with the overall system help plan operations based on past capacity and forecasted demand, allowing user consensus on the final plan based on capacity learnings.



Primary Users – Supply Chain S&OP Planner, Transportation & Fulfilment Planner, FC Manager, Warehouse Manager, etc.
Secondary Users – Merchants, Vendor Management teams, etc.


Yes. The current application allows uploading plans in the form of external files. This feature is available for demand plans, carrier plans, and labor plans.

Yes, this application can be customized. The pipeline can be set up where IS&OP uses other applications as a source, or the plans finalized on IS&OP can be used as input for other applications.