Customer Explorer

Allow users to create custom segments using rule-based approach or behavioral segments using Unsupervised ML.

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Equip your marketing team with data-driven segmentation and targeting. Watch an interactive demo.

Accelerator Synopsis

Customer Explorer allows marketers and CX practitioners to create segments based on Customer 360 (behavior, profile, predictions & third-party data). The solution supports marketers with data-driven segmentation and targeting. Further, it can be integrated with existing campaign & marketing tools.

Value Addition

End-to-End Analytics for Marketers

Marketers can determine the target audience, use rapid analysis to identify the correct targeting strategy, automate & activate campaigns by pushing the audience list to the marketing tool.

Easy Conversion of Data Product to Insights Product

Although this tool enhances performance, the value lies in generating tangible insights. Customer Explorer can help realize this value for stakeholders.

Reduced Ad-hoc Work for CX

Stakeholders can leverage the platform for repeatable/mundane questions and free up the bandwidth of CX analysts & data scientists.


Create Segments

Create segments based on focus area using business rules.

Gather Insights

Mine deep behavioral insights using advanced ML algorithms.

Save Segments

Save & update segments with real-time insights.

Segment Analysis

Analyze segments and identify dominant characteristics.

Compare Segments

Compare and contrast profile & behaviors of multiple segments.

Export Segments

Export segment and audience to the desired destination – Marketing activation platforms.



The customer browser provides real-time analysis of Customer 360 data to use AI/ML algorithms to segment customers and mine deep behavioral insights. The custom-built analysis and segmentation pages allow marketers to iterate and set up campaigns within a few hours without relying on Analytics or the IT team.

APIs will be used to share finalized segment, audience list, and other parameters from Customer Explorer to marketing activation tool. 

Customer Explorer will be deployed within the network on a preferred cloud or on-prem server. No data (PII included) will leave the network firewall.