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An AI-led solution for e-commerce businesses to understand customer intelligence and elevate business performance.

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Accelerator Synopsis

Odyssey provides organizations with an accurate and comprehensive overview of its online eCommerce platform. Ecommerce companies can now get a holistic view of customers, suppliers, and everything related to company inventory management.

Odyssey unifies all data sources with multiple customer viewpoints and creates a harmonized customer data lake that provides a 360-degree view of the customer’s digital presence across the retail outlets and CPGs. It helps to understand sales trends and driving factors, provides targeted recommendations at the SKU level, and simulates the targets required for various business levers.

Value addition

Sales Health

Enables the business to understand sales health through relevant metrics customized to traverse between aggregated view & specific drill-downs.


Assigns sentiments to product reviews and provides customized recommendations to improve sales through better content management.

Content Health

Provides a consolidated index value equipping sellers to understand their product's content as a function of keywords and images. It also reports product search performance compared to competitors.


Proactively identifies on-hand inventory, ideal inventory, and inventory gap and creates operational ease by reporting inventory levels to various fulfillment centers.


360 Degree View

Overview of current and forecasted sales performance, content health, and other KPIs (to assess the overall eCommerce health).

Top down forecast

Dedicated dashboards for sales, content, ratings, search performance, and inventory to deep dive into various categories and gain actionable insights at the SKU level.


SKU-wise recommendations for vendors and other stakeholders at product category and item-level drill-downs.


An easy-to-use dynamic simulation environment that results in KPI-aligned sales impact.


Ability to edit and save a large number of product lists through a single portal and download them to the user's local system.



  •  E-Commerce Leaders can deep dive into sales trends with category-level & SKU-level trends and recommendations.
  • Marketing planners can understand content quality and areas that need improvement to design better trade promotions.
  • Product owners can outline their product-specific sales inventory status, search health status, and ratings.
  • It facilitates real-time sales, inventory, and content health insights and enables strategic and tactical decision-making.
  • It provides real-time SKU-level recommendations to drive actions at the most granular level.
  • It drives growth by forecasting the sales performance of each SKU and supply recommendations to tackle the SKU/category level issues early.

Various product content parameters, like the number of images, keywords, etc., are analyzed to generate the content health score for each SKU.

Currently, one can download a file with updated content to be uploaded into the vendor portal. In future versions, there will be a choice to handle bulk editing of product listing with the push of a button.